DIANA : the hunt

The rain pounded her skin which was made to be as strong as a dragons scale. She gazed at the valley across with her eagle eye sight, this is where the hunt begins. she thought.

Four years ago she had sacrificed her right breast to go on this hunt only to be betrayed by the man she felt she loved. she was to hunt for the 12 sacred instruments,she had done them with ease getting to the last one the same time with the warrior.

He promised her love, a family, and a throne by his side, but when he pulled the horn from the crumbling grave he chose freedom in the mortal world, and where is he now?, well he has a family of course.

Tears welled up in her eyes, but she held it off, she swore secretly to the six Olympian GODS that gave her life that never will she move a step backward for a man whether noble or wretched.

she heard the horn blow, the battle cry piercing the air sending a clear message to the opposition.

“OH ye men!” she muttered “fear DIANA!”.

*                                        *                                          *                                            *                                        *

His hands dug deep into the earth as he prayed to his mother GAEA for protection.He could remember this very day four years ago, vividly, he ran his hands across his face as he touched the scars that ran through is right cheek. a scar etched as a symbol of shame, defeat, loss of pride and honor but no one knew but him. He remembered the words she said vividly.

“you are too weak, killing you will only ease your agony and wash away your sorrows.” she said as she pointed her sword at his neck piercing  ever so lightly. ” i wont be the one to do that for you, a lesser opponent will finish you off,but if you do find yourself alive. Use this as a reminder”. In one swift move she moved her blade effortlessly across his face.

“there is no place for the weak”

he gritted his teeth really hard as he recalled that day, if he sees her in the valley today she will be the one pinned to the floor begging for her life, she doesn’t know the demon she has created, the warrior she has molded”.

he whispered to himself, “the moment i cross this line, i will come looking for you”. his magic energy began to radiate off him, his blade, which was dug in the earth began to vibrate vigorously. It was hungry for flesh and thirsty for blood,”save your strength mullock”he pulled it out from the drenched soil “we’ve got a Diana to deal with”…………..


I flinched as i caught the sight of the jagged white lines stretching across the sky. “stupid rain”, i turned back to my toast bread and stacked them neatly on the plate before heading to the parlor. “No, upgrade the hammer instead what do you wanna use a bow for” “its gold and shiny you moron,besides it increases Merlin’s attack points to 87!” “will you both shut up!” i intervened. My brothers, peter and Preston argued about well……everything. Did i forget to mention i got the worst name ever,Patrick.Yeah my mum’s obsessed with P’s. and am the oldest son, i would’ve preferred Paul or prince. i sat beside peter and began munching my bread,i noticed his eyes glaring at my plate “no way bro, there is a full loaf in the kitchen” “you are the worst brother ever”,Preston butted in as he left for the kitchen “was something ever wrong with your legs?”, i turned to peter “did i say a loaf?,i meant six slices”. his eyes widened as he ran after Preston. “hhhaaaa,sweet silence”, i stared at the frozen character on the screen.A weird looking wizard with all stars,whoa all stars shoes? i wonder what they saw in this game,its based on myth and no fact,and i love facts. a grin flashed across my face as a brilliant idea came to me”he-he, lets see sabotage or wreak havoc” i grabbed the controller pad and pressed the start button. The sheer idea of destroying their game progress carried me away that i didn’t notice the bright light moving close to the house.I was about to bash all the buttons at once when it happened. my body felt so stiff and my eyes got burnt by a brilliant white light,engulfing me to another world and trust me it was similar to a roller costar ride only there is no costar but there is a roller. TO BE CONTINUED…..